ACS Working Groups are responsible for energizing the presentation and sharing scientific research of the different thematic areas in which we can organize or subdivide the discipline. They have an autonomous and democratic functioning, always within the framework of the Statutes, and are responsible for organizing and managing the contributions made in the Catalan Congress of Sociology, but also they can organize or energize other activities in-between congresses within its thematic area, such as conferences, talks, debates or video-forums.


Working group Coordinator/s Email
GT1. Sociolinguistics Natxo Sorolla (URV)
GT2. Social Movements Ferran Giménez (EHESS)
GT3. Population and Territory Pilar Zueras (CED-UAB)

Sergio Porcel Lopez (IERMB)

GT4. Culture and Religion Maria del Mar Griera (UAB)

Dafne Muntanyola (UAB)

Joaquim Rius (UV)

GT5. Work Òscar Molina (UAB)
GT6. Methods and Tecnhinques Montserrat Simó (UB)
GT7. Sociological Theory Ana Vidu-Afloarei (UB)

Olga Serradell (UAB)

GT8. Education Cecilio Lapresta (UDL)
GT9. Social Inequalities Joan Micó (IEA)

Roger Campdepadrós (UdG)
GT10. Families and Cohabitation Groups Anna Escobedo (UB)
GT11. Migrations Martina Camiade (IEC)

Albert Sabater (UdG)

GT12. Gender Elisabeth Torras (UB)
GT13. Sustainability and Environment Josep Espluga (UAB)

Amaranta Herrero (UAB)

GT14. Youth, Elderly and Generations Pau Serracant (GC-OCJ)

Montserrat Mora Fernández (BCC)

GT15. Power, Social Control and Conflict Diego Torrente (UB)
LT1. Positive Sociology Pep Rodríguez (UB)
LT2. Peoples, Nations and States Víctor Climent (UB)

Elisabet Almeda (UB)

LT3. Welfare, Policies and New Social Risks Esther Albesa
Youth in Sociology Mar Joanpere (URV)

Merlys Mosquera (UAB)

Geraldo Sierra (UAB)