Call for abstracts

The last few years have been marked by a growing wave of protests and civic demands centred on various social and environmental aspects, such as the growing feminist wave linked to the #metoo movements as well as the protests for greater responsibility on the part of the citizens and the institutions to mitigate and act against the effects of climate change. These are some of the examples of a society in transformation, which takes the word, from everyday individuality, through social networks, to the most multitudinous manifestations.

In this next edition of the congress, we hope to create a meeting point between the different approaches of sociology, in order to deepen the analysis of the social transformations that we are currently experiencing, as well as to generate spaces for dialogue that put sociology within the reach of society. citizenship in this horizon of changes.

Abstracts submission:

The abstracts /papers can be presented in Catalan, Spanish, English or French.
They should have a maximum length of 300 words for a paper of approximately 15 minutes.
It must necessarily consist of: research question, theoretical framework, methodology and main results.
A maximum of two papers per person can be presented.
You must indicate the work group to which you want to present.

In order to include the paper in the Book of abstracts, as well as in order to present the paper during the Conference, the person must be registered.

In order to receive the Certificate of presentation of communications, in addition to being registered, the person must have attended the congress and submitted the paper.

The deadline has been extended-15th of December

Submission of abstracts:

Send by email to:

The email must include:

  • Paper title

  • Author or authors of the paper

  • University / Institution / Company of the author or authors

  • Document with the summary of the paper (Anonymous Word Document)

  • Indicate the Working Group, Research Stream or if the paper is submitted in Youth in Sociology

In case of submitting more than one paper, please send them in separate emails.