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Given the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus health alert situation (Covid-19), the ignorance of how it will evolve and when the health crisis may be over, and taking into account how this unpredictability hinders all those forecasts (of spaces, of agenda, of hiring) that are necessary for carrying out events of this nature, the local organizing committee and the Board of the Catalan Association of Sociology with great regret we have decided to cancel the VIII International Catalan Conference of Sociology and the 6th Conference of Young people in Sociology.

Anyway, today we want to value the participation and interest shown as a success. We want to start by ackowledging the 400 people from Catalonia, the rest of Spain, Europe and America who, altogether, have sent around 280 papers. To continue ackowledging all the work done by the coordinators of groups and lines of research, the evaluators who have selflessly worked to ensure the scientific rigor of the conference and the people who have been organizing the 12 panels, colloquiums, and book presentations, and by the more than 40 people who had registered as volunteers in the conference. We would also like to thank all the instances of the University of Girona who have collaborated in the preparation such as the Sociology Unit, the Business Department, the Social Commitment Unit, the Volunteering Area, the Faculty of Arts and Tourism, the Rector’s Office and the Social Council, and other institutions of Girona society that have shown their support to us like the City council of Girona, the Deputation of Girona, the association Multicapacitats, the Patronato de Turismo Costa Brava – Girona, the Association of Hospitality industry of Girona, the Chamber of Commerce of Girona.

It is for this reason that we thank all the people who have worked in organizing it and who agreed to participate. We look forward to having your collaboration at the next ACS congress.

For those who have already paid for the registration, we will send you the instructions needed to make the return shortly. We ask you for patience because if it is not already an immediate process under normal conditions, these days we also have the uncertainty as to whether a possible confinement and teleworking may delay it a little longer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


Coordinator of the Local Organizing Committee

Cristina Sánchez Miret

With the agreement of the Board of the Catalan Sociological Association